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Logitech MX1000 Mouse: Battery replacement how to tutorial/guide

This tutorial is for those who wish to replace their "non-serviceable" MX1000 battery


(last updated May 15, 2008 by VK2K)


The Logitech MX1000 mouse is one the best ever made and it has been my friend for a the last 3 years. Sadly the battery life went down the drain like any rechargeable would after prolong use. Logitech states that the battery can not be serviced. Meaning tough luck, time to buy a new mouse from Logitech. But googling around there were people who had successfully replaced their MX1000 battery. This website here (no longer exists) inspired me to give it a try. All I had to do was find a battery that matched the MX1000. People online had mention "klic-5001" battery works great.




Below is my instruction with high resolution photos on how to replace the battery.


Required tools/items
-Klic-5001 battery for Kodak Li-Ion 3.7V 1600mAh bought off ebay for 5 bucks
-Some 60/40 solder + 15-25w Soldering Iron bought from radioshack
-Screw driver

Step #1: Remove bottom screw

The two screw at the bottom near the recharge contact points circle in green below is hidden.
You must peel off the mouse studs to reveal the screw.


Step #2: Remove top screw

The two screw at the top is also hidden.
You need to peel off the logitech sticker as shown below


Step #3: Take it apart

You should now have all 4 screws out.
The top and bottom pieces should start to come apart
There is two cables that need to be removed circled below


Step #4: Remove battery from top half

The battery is secured by two screws circled below.


Step #5: Cut the battery power cables

Remove the battery cover. There is a stick pad there so it might be little hard to remove
Cut the power cable as close to the battery as possible.
There isn't much cable lenght to play with so the longer the better.


Step #6: Snip the power cable and solder to new battery

Snip the ends of the power cable as shown below. Just enough so it could be soldered.
If you have nevered soldered before I suggest reading some guides online. It is pretty easy.
Solder the power cable to the new battery in the same color order shown below.


Step #7: Put the pieces back to gether

Putting the mouse back together will probably be harder than taking it apart.
Making it all fit and align up so the buttons work can be a little challenging.